If I Am Married, Do I Need A Will?

last will testament
I would like to answer this question as – “yes.  Trust me on this, you need a will even if you are married.”  However, most people don’t trust lawyers, so I will explain why you need a will even if you are married. This post would be longer than anyone…

Criminals Steal $37 Billion a Year From Americas Elderly

Criminals Steal 37 Billion a Year From Americas Elderly
Every year, around 5 million older Americans are financially exploited  by scammers and criminals. Additionally the elderly are susceptible to deceit by greedy or desperate family members. Sadly, this total number of victims only continues to grow.   One financial estimate states that seniors lose as much as $36.5 billion…

What is Probate?

What is Probate BlackBurn Law Firm St. Pete
The legal process of transferring of property upon a person's death is known as "probate." Although probate customs and laws have changed over time, the purpose has remained much the same: people formalize their intentions as to the transfer of their property at the time of their death (typically in…
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