Cathy Blackburn from Blackburn Law firm and list of services that include wills, trusts, probate, LGBT Planning, Asset Protection, Real Estate Law and Elder Law.

Life Planning

Everyone needs life planning.  Did I mention that everyone needs life planning?  Why?

Life planning effectively serves many goals and avoids many difficulties.  For most people, life is predictable.  That is why we speak of “probable” events and consequences.  There are, however, a significant percentage of people who encounter “unexpected” events.  Life planning is important for both.

Cathy began her career as a pharmacist, served as a law professor, and practiced medical law for 30 years before transitioning to a life planning practice.  In medical law, Cathy directly experienced how unpredictable life is for many people.  She also directly experienced what does not work in most life planning.  At Blackburn Law Firm/, Cathy is committed to creating life planning documents that work no matter what life delivers.

Services include:

Illness, accidents, or injuries can strike at any time, place, or age.  No one is immune.  If you develop a serious illness, have an accident, or are injured, who will be able to assist you and how will they do that?  What will happen to your assets, family, and business if you are seriously injured or die?  These are the questions answered by life planning.

If you understand the need for life planning, do not delay. Schedule a complimentary appointment today.

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